söndag 8 augusti 2010

I have during the past days registered and created a web page that now serves as home for my android applications. The page is found at www.dafer45.com.

I am also experimenting with flattr and have written a tutorial about how to create a flattrView for android that allows developers to include flattr buttons in their applications. If you are a developer interested in this, be sure to check it out at www.dafer45.com/android/for_developers/including_a_flattr_button_in_an_application.html.

tisdag 3 augusti 2010


Became a flattr user today. This mean that I have three flattr invites to give away. If you like to have one, use one:

fredag 30 juli 2010

Distance and area measurement v1.06

New version of "Distance and area measurement" published. It is now possible to choose distance and area units independently. The unit chain is now also supported.

tisdag 6 juli 2010

New android application.

The modern compass does what the compass allways was intended to do, it helps you locate the destination of your choice.

Using GPS technology and Google maps, this application let you mark a destination of choice and then shows in what direction that destination lies, as well as how far away it is from your current location.

The red arrow points to the north, while the black arrow points to your destination. (The black arrow will not appear until you have selected target destination and the GPS system has located your current location.)


lördag 3 juli 2010

Get intuition: Thermodynamics

New android application published.

"Get intuition: Thermodynaics" provides a unique interactive environment for acquiring physical intution about thermal energy and what happens on the microscopic scale of gases.

A playful environment that among other things let you play with concepts such as temperature, gases, and the gravity field. This is accompanied by textual explanations about some of these phenomenas, as well as a collection of links to Wikipedia articles on closely related subjects.

Get some intuition today!


tisdag 29 juni 2010

Use your phones built in GPS to measure the area of a region.

New android application for area measurment uploaded at:

Turn this application on and walk or drive around a region to measure its area. The path length is measured as well.

To start a measurement; wait until the GPS reciever is ready and then press start. If the positioning is a litle shaky in the begin, press restart as soon as it has stabilized.

Any feature requests are welcome.

måndag 28 juni 2010

Recently published a new puzzle game for android phones called Polarity on SlideMe.org.
Full version,
Demo version.